Is This You?

Your role as a caregiver is important to you.

Although individuals and their circumstances differ (and/or whether your caregiving role is personal and/or professional), the struggles that both midlife women and men have in addressing their own self-care needs are remarkably similar:  You always seem to run out of time and/or energy before the day’s must-do list is accomplished.

Read on to notice if any of these situations sound familiar to you:

  • You juggle the challenges of multiple caregiving responsibilities — whether it’s raising children, caring for aging parents and/or caregiving for an ill spouse.  You’re feeling the pinch of being squeezed so tight in between multiple responsibilities that there’s no room for you in your life.
  • You find it hard to be productive at work because you keep getting distracted by your family caregiving obligations.  Whether you are an employee or self-employed, you struggle with balancing your family’s needs and your work-related obligations and responsibilities.  It seems that every time you begin to settle down with one, you are interrupted by the other–demanding your attention.
  • You’ve BEEN the primary caregiver for a loved one who has now died.  You’re not only grieving the loss of them in your life, but also feel as though something else is missing in your life.  You’re wondering what happened to you now that your caregiver role is finished.
  • As a healing professional, you find it hard to “walk your talk.”  You know that actions always speak louder than words.  You’re also aware that your clients will (consciously or unconsciously) look to you as a role model for their own behavior.  But since it’s hard for you to find the time for your own self-care, you also struggle with helping them to make desired changes in their own health behaviors.
  • In addition to your caregiving responsibilities, you also have your own health care issues to deal with.  Somewhere amidst the added stress and ongoing loss of sleep, your own health has taken a hit.  It might be that stubborn bug that won’t go away, or perhaps a chronic condition that limits your overall ability to show up in life or even a serious, life-threatening illness that’s arrived at your doorstep.  [Note – if this paragraph describes your current situation, I invite you to stop by stresswell™ for additional assistance.]

Focused Self-Care works for:

  • Doctors, nurses, therapists – successful, nurturing professionals
  • The self-employed woman who struggles with balancing her family’s needs with the needs of her business
  • The single father who is juggling the needs of his family with the demands of his profession
  • The busy stay-at-home mom, who is expected to somehow hold it all together for everyone else in the family
  • The baby-boomer retiree challenged to keep life in balance while also being the primary caretaker for an elderly parent

Will Focused Self-Care work for YOU?

You’ll find Focused Self-Care most successful if the following statements are true:

  • You see yourself as a proactive individual, in charge of your own destiny.  You’d like a way to meet your own needs without feeling guilty or selfish.
  • You are searching for a program that fits YOUR life.  You’re tired of cookie-cutter solutions that don’t address your uniqueness.
  • You are willing to bring an open heart and an open mind to the process.  You just need help to know what the process is.
  • Whether you call it a gift, an epiphany, a state of grace or an unexpected “wake-up call,” you believe that your life can become better, that you can be happier.  You’re just now sure how to get there.
  • You are committed to long-term solutions instead of quick fixes.  You’d like to create a different future and need help envisioning what’s possible.
  • Deep down, you know that you have to begin doing things differently.  You are willing to let go of old behavior and learn new things and would like some support.

Ready to get started?

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